The Reformation country of origin celebrates the 500th Birthday of Lucas Cranach the Younger with the State Exhibition “Cranach the Younger 2015”  .For this  first worldwide exhibition,IRIS BROSCH is creating a TABLEAU VIVANT inspired by the painting of CRANACH ;HERCULES AND OMPHALE.

The Tableaux Vivant is a mixtures between the Old and the Modern; the Past and the Future,the Renaissance painting and the  Fashion of today.


HERCULES and OMPHALE,painting by Lucas Cranach d.Æ

The video is inspired by the painting" Hercules and Omphale" from LUCAS CRANACH the younger. The hero Hercules ,who we all know from the greek mythology like a symbol of masculinity,commited a murder.For punishment Hercules is sold like a slave to Omphale. Omphale ask Hercules to do woman work,spinning wool. The maids dressing hercules into woman clothes. I am bringing this painting from1535 into our modern times. Hercules is the first man emancipated! He is strong and not afraid of his own femininity, after times of killing and destruction he enjoys to be guided by a strong woman like Omphale, through her love he find peace and happiness.