The artist, photographer, and director Iris Brosch, is known internationally for restoring dignity and strength to the image of women in photography. Her photographic style has been describedas "Miuccia Prada meets Leonardo da Vinci". Brosch's unique celebration of female sensuality moves in fresh and fascinating directions in her ability to rework timeless classicism with a thoroughly modern twist. The work of Iris Brosch is and isn't anything we have seen before. It is Raphaelian. It is Modern. It is mystical and ethereal, anchored by the weight of a powerful female mind. She is currently based between Paris and New York.


Exhibition and Performances:


2018 Apple of LOVE-TABLEAU ; VIVANT FOR the MANDRAKE HOTEL/LONDON during artist in residency program

2017               VITA02, 500 years of Reformation, the country Saxony-Anhalt invites IB for Performance to the Luther city, Wittenberg


2017               La Metamorphose de l’Amour  after OVID , Performance, during biennale , Venice


2016               SALON DE LA PHOTO, Conference, LES GRAND RENCONTRES,Paris


2016               DIANE, Musee de la Chasse et Nature,Photo and Video Production, Paris                   


2016                PARALLEL VIENNA ,Photo and Video Installation,Vienna


2015                THE SOURCE OF LIFE, Culture Center KIC  , Performance on AGEISMS, Zagreb


2015                  VITA01, the country Saxony-Anhalt invites IB for performance during biennale, Venice


2015                 PHOTO SWITZERLAND 16, exhibition, Zuerich

2014                 PHYSICAL FEMINISM, Photo and film production on curvy models, NYC


2014                  L’UOMO,a performance for OPEN 17 .Exhibition on Sculptures, Venice 


2013                  VERWEILE DOCH!, GOETHE INSTITUT,  Washington

                          Exhibition of print and video

2013                  ART ATHINA with DADADA , ATHEN



2013                  WOMAN and NATURE near EXTINCTION, Performance,Venice



2012                  FROM MARTYRDOM TO FEMICIDE, Performance,Venice



2012                 OLYMPIC FINE ARTS: Barbican Art Center , Exhibition, London


2012                VERWEILE DOCH! Art Foundation Saxony, Exhibition, Halle


2012                In Paradisum, Palais de Tokyo; Screening with SFE TV, Paris


2012               She views herself: ODDO & CIE PARIS women artist and self-portraits, Exhibition, Paris


2011                Facets of Figuration, Metropolitan Museum of Art

                       Exhibit, NYC, video projection with XXXX Magazine 


2011               REQUIEM FOR WOMEN Performance during  Biennale, Venice                            


2010              BENEDICTION, Video projection,Art Basel; Miami art museum and XXXXMAG: ,Miami


2010               Wien Photographer Limited Edition Exhibition  , Exhibition,Vienna

2010               Festival de la Mode,Cannes


2010               LES TROIS GRACES, Roma Contemporary Art: Photo Performance



2009               Video Installation, Beijing

                        Galathea ,Musee Gallerie Ground Zero

2009               FEMMES-FLEURS-FOREVER, Performance , Parc Floral de Paris 





2009              EROTIC ENLIGHTENMENT Performance, Venice Biennale


2008               Festival International de la photographie de mode


2007               WOMEN COMING TOGETHER, OPEN10:Performance, Exhibition and Projection for OPEN10,

                        International Exhibition of sculptures and installation,Venice/lido



2006              ICP exhibition and auction,NYC

2005              DIVINITA or BIRTH OF BLACK VENUS , Performance  and Exhibition,Biennale, Venice



2003               INPARADISUM ,Performance, Chateaux de Villette,Ile de France 


2002               Vienna UNIT F: DIFFERING VIEW       

2001                 Porto  (Cultural Capital of Europe 2001): FIRST STORY - WOMEN BUILDING

                         NEW NARRATIVES FOR THE 21 ST CENTURY curated by Ute Meta Bauer 

                         Video Walking together; “Women from East and West” Video installation


Films and videos by Iris Brosch

2018                     Métamorphose l'amour

2018                     Luthertable

2017                     VITA I. Christ blessing the children after Lucas Cranach

2017                     Hercules and Omphale after Lucas Cranach  II

2016                     Diane la Chasseres

2015                     VITA II

2015                     Hercules and Omphale II

2015                     L’Uomo

2014                     Friuli, Goddesses of the Grapes

2013                     Woman & Nature near Extinction

2012                     From Martyrdom to Femicide

2012                     In Paradisum

2012                     Die Regen Göttin

2012                      Valentina

2011                      Requiem for Woman

2010                     Les Trois Graces

2010                     Prélude

2009                    Femmes Fleurs Forever 

2009.                   Benediction

2009                    Delirium

2008                    Galathea

2007                     Lido, Women coming together

2005                     Divinita or the birth of the black Venus

2002                     Gramercy Park

2002                     Pure Heaven

2001                      WALKING TOGETHER


Documentaries and Featurettes about Iris Brosch 

2017                     VITA 02 . MDR Sachsen 


2017                     Performance in Wittenberg / Germany infront of the Martin Luthermuseum


2017                     Diane la Chasseres, Musee de la Chasse et Nature


2017                     Marching into their steps


2015.                    Source of life , performance in Zagreb on AGEISM


2015                     VITA01-Mdr TV Reportage


2014                    Physical Feminism


2014                     L'Uomo Documentary


2013                     Austria Next TopModel 


2009                    Femmes Fleurs Forever - A Report 


2009.                   Erotic Enlightenment 


2008                    Le Retour de la Pin-up 


2005.                   Divinita-or the birth of the Black Venus


2004                    Match TV Interview  


2003                    Bayerische Rundfunk ,GERMANY


  2001                   Art and Entertainment TV, NYC

                             Woman on fire 

Featured Speeches, Interviews and Conference

2019 PP05 Interview of IRIS BROSCH in PHOTO PRESSE

2018 IRK Magazine PERFORMANCE Mandrake

2018 IRK Magazine Our Body Belongs to Us _Homage to Egon Schiele 1890-1918

2017                    THE IMAGISTA MAGAZINE


2017                     IRK MAGAZINE


2017                     NORMAL MAGAZINE






2015                     SAXONY ANHALT


2014                     FIGARO 


2013                     GOETHE INSTITUT WASHINGTON

2013                     FOTOWEEK 

                            Portfolio Reviews, Washington DC, USA


2013                     VINGT PARIS MAGAZINE

                             Interview with Iris Brosch: All is Full of Love


2011                      TEASER MAGAZINE

                             Interview, Issue 11


2011                      PROFOTO 


2010                     ARTNET


2009                    WE-MAGAZINE


2008                      Symposium für ffa higlighst der Photography 


1986                      Vortrag, Bielfelder Hochschule für Photography



Books :


NAKED WOMEN - The female nude photography from 1850 to the present day,
Thunder's Press 2001

FEMMES - Materpieces of Erotic Photography, Carlton Books


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