Erotic Enlightenment is a multimedia performance by Iris Brosch, it is a Tableau Vivant, a "living painting". It represents the birthing of fresh ideas, which may indicate the future of feminine identity. It is important to glorify feminine ideology despite these contemporary times in western as well as global society, where the women is often objectified almost to the point of being portrayed as an inanimate object or other. She is penetrated but not having her feminine ideal put upon its proper pedestal. Erotic Enlightenment is about creating a world where the female perspective is worshipped. In this world where women are brought together music, poetry, and tenderness create a wonderland of feminine divinity. To become erotically enlightened is to validate female values and to desire a sustainable future for all mankind and womenkind.

 Tv reportage on EROTIC ENLIGHTENMENT by Emma Piesse