Zagreb, The Source of Life ,

The beginning of the Performance around the sculplture of Ivan Meštrović , in front of the Croatian National Theatre on Republic of Croatia Square.

The croatian  culture center KIC  invited me  during the Festival of ZAGREB and  la NUIT  BLANCHE for a Photo Performance on the theme of AGEISM. - Ageism is sterotyping and discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age

The Source of LIFE performance showes the connection between young and old generations. It is inspired by the sculpture of Ivan Meštrović, it is  the celebration of LIfe.


Tableaux vivant with 5 woman in front of Blue tram in Zagreb,Ban Jelačić Square


Jelena infront of "the GROUNDED SUN" by Ivan Kožarić


Articels and interviews in croation presse including Tv